Immunohistochemistry Products

 Bio SB offers a wide range of immunohistochemistry products (IHC), including rabbit and mouse monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies for IVD and ASR applications, as well as complete detection systems or their components. We offer both HRP and AP kits: The ImmunoDetector kits use the traditional 3-step Biotin-Streptavidin-Enzyme / Substrate-Chromogen technology while the PolyDetector and PolyDetector Plus kits have been developed using a proprietary tandem hyperlabelling technology used to directly label immunoglobulins with enzymes. This ensures consistent and reproducible immunostaining for all types of nuclear, cytoplasmic and membranal antigens, in different types of tissues or cells. We also offer for RUO Complete PolyDetector HRP/DAB kits for ER/PRHER-2 neu and CD117 that include all reagents, solutions, tissue controls and reagent controls.