Lexicon® II Ultra-low Temperature Freezer (Gold Controller)

Gold Controller

  • Simple, intuitive operation
  • Large display of actual temperature with a simultaneous display of set temperature and ambient temperature
  • USB interface allows transfer of temperature data and the last 20 system events

Fast Pull Down

  • Pull down time is the time required to bring down the temperature of the ULT freezer from ambient to the set temperature.
  • Esco Lexicon® II has a short pull down time which signifies an efficient refrigeration system

Fast Temperature Recovery after door opening

  • Esco Lexicon® II recovers temperature in minutes following a 1 minute door opening.
  • Fast recovery in temperature ensures integrity of stored samples.

Excellent Uniformity

  • Uniformity test measures the difference between the coldest spot and warmest spot in the freezer chamber when the freezer is operating at set temperature.
  • Esco Lexicon® II has excellent uniformity under normal operating conditions.
  • This guarantees that all samples are at the correct temperature.

Extended warm-up Time during a power failure

  • Warm-up time measures the time taken for temperature to rise up (from -80°C to -50°C) when the power is interrupted
  • With a robust insulation system in place, Esco Lexicon® II has the best warm-up time among the freezers compared on the right*. Slower warm-up during an extended power failure buys the user time for carrying out a back-up plan.

Other Features

  • Sample port
  • Excellent triple gasket door seals
  • 3 or 5 inpidual inner doors
  • Modern refrigeration system
  • Pressure equalization port
  • Isocide™ powder coat
  • Quickopen™ fast door re-open system