1. «LTELISA Brucella» indirect ELISA kit for detection antibodies to Brucella in animal serum 

Screening assay: recommended for herds with low prevalence, in combination with confirmation assay.
Method indirect ELISA
Species ruminants, porcine
Samples  serum or plasma samples
Coated antigen purified Brucella abortus antigen 
Conjugate HRP - recombinant protein G (concentrated 100X)
Assay time 130 min
     Product code   LT-E-BRU-01  LT-E-BRU-02   LT-E-BRU-05 LT-E-BRU-10
        Kit format        1 plate       2 plates       5 plates     10 plates
        Reactions*           96           192           480         960
*Number of samples for analysis, wells for kit controls are excluded.

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